Devin Supertramp at Zombie Shopping Mall

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How did a little old zombie-obsessed group of knuckle-heads like us – still startled by the whole ”internet’ thing – get hooked up with a YouTube MEGASTAR like Devin Supertramp?

Crazy as it sounds, it’s true! Devin heard all about our crazy zombie experiences and FLEW all the way from AMERICA to see for himself and document the experience in a filmic way.

Here’s the video, called “Zombie Mall One Shot”…

As well as an amazing one shot drift around the Zombie Shopping Mall, he popped up to Zombie Manor House in the same day! Two films, one day – no way.

Devin had a blast, as the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video below shows.

We’ll have more Zombie movie madness from Devin coming soon – so watch this space!

Thanks to Devin, the zombies and the whole gang for putting together such an amazing film and be sure to check out more of Devin’s videos at his YouTube channel and his blog.

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