Dare To Win With Dr Pepper?

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What’s the worst that could happen? I can think of a few things, mostly involving hair and Marmite. But that’s really between me and my therapist.

But we want to give you, via the wonderful, tasty, delicious folks at Dr Pepper, the chance to win the experience of your dreams. Or, if it’s something that fills you with malignant dread, the stuff of nightmares.

Confused? You shouldn’t be. Basically head over to the Dr Pepper Facebook page, tell them how much you love Dr Pepper and several exciting things you can think of to do with their beverage, then you’ll be entered into a grand prize draw. There you have the chance to win a delightful, sedate, warmly comfortable year long membership to English Heritage for two. Enjoy a plethora of stately homes, engaging castles and frothy formal gardens.


You could win an exhilarating day indoor skydiving for you and a companion. You’ll be blown to ecstasy as you swoop and glide on a huge wind-generating device, replicating all the excitement of skydiving without having to go really high up. You could also win tickets to our Zombie Manor House or even our Segway Rally experience!

But which will you get? You just don’t know and that, as Bernie Winters and Schnorbitz used to say, is the rub. It’s a gamble my friends, you could have a deadly fear of wind and end up with the skydiving. Or you could have an ongoing feud with English Heritage that has led you to be banned from all their venues and offices and then you get that one. Exciting! Which one will you win!

So get over there now. You have until midnight on April 28th to enter RIGHT HERE and have a chance of winning one of those fantastic/devastating prizes! Good luck! Or should I say, good luck?