How To Drive in a Stunty Way [Infographic]

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The smell of burning rubber. The screech of a tyre. The sight of a fully formed man sliding over a bonnet.

Everyone loves an auto-vehicular stunt. Nothing gets the heart-pumping and the palms sweaty than a large box of metal swiftly flying over something it was never designed to traverse. But the secrets of stunty driving have long been held to the bosoms of the men and women who conduct them and have never been the shared with mere mortals like me and you. Yes even you, the one with the squint.

But through devious means we could never reveal (Cyborgs) we have gleaned just a few of the methods that the stunt community use to make cars jump over things, move in odd directions and produce plumes of lovely smoke. And all these secrets are revealed below in this delightful Infographic for the whole family.

Obviously don’t try these things at home. Especially within your home, where a great deal of damage could occur. But do share this knowledge with friends, well-wishers and complete strangers on the internet by stealing and sharing the code that lives below it.

And remember – always drive like a pro.