Win Fantastic Prizes With Fanta!

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Do you want to win amazing, once in a lifetime prizes? Oh you don’t. I wasn’t really expecting that. Most people…

Oh! You were joking! You are quite a card aren’t you? No wonder your life partner is so attractive, with a sense of humour like that. Of course you want to win these magnificent, life-lubricating prizes, especially when you hear that Fanta is involved. That’s right, Fanta, your favourite ever beverage.

Slow down and stop clawing at my shins and ankles! I’m about to tell you how you can enter. Simply buy a special promotional pack of Orange, Orange Zero or Fruit Twist Fanta, find the unique code and then enter the code on the Fanta website over at

Then two whole winners will be drawn in a completely random way (I have seen the photos and, boy oh boy, is it ever random) every day from now until July 7th 2014. And at what time of the day will the drawings take place? The only time that makes sense: afternoons. Or perhaps mornings. Actually I don’t know, they won’t let me into that part of the building.

And the things you can win, you ask? Things so wondrous that your armpits may weep. By which I mean feeding a lion, being a popstar, driving a big fast car, making sushi, fighting zombies, flying planes and helicopters, indoor skydiving, Aqua Spehereing, tank driving, water jetpacks and hanging out with some birds of prey. Plus you’ll enjoy a personalised booking service and a goody bag full of Fanta-astic things!

So grab yourself some Fanta, clock the code, dash to and slap in your stuff to get entered into the draw. On the website you’ll also find all the information you need and answers to any pertinent questions over there. Fanta!