Innovations To Expect in the Future [Infographic]

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So far the future has been bitterly disappointing.

No legions of servile, brainwashed citizens wearing white jumpsuits in some sort of desert setting, all bending under the tyranny of a mysterious despotic leader who appears on over-sized video screens and is probably played by Christopher Plummer. I mean, what’s up with that?

Instead we have Coke Zero and a popular television show that is actually set within a High Street chicken shop. Thanks a lot, future. So let’s hope when this particular epoch crumbles into oblivion, there will be a load of exciting stuff barrelling down the pike.

As this delightful Infographic illustrates, the future is going to have some boss aspects, including bionic bits, trains and things that we stick in our brains. All of which our insect overlords are sure to be onboard with. And in the spirit of anarchy, you can simply take and display this Infographic elsewhere, by pinching the code below.

Ok, get ready, because the segue I’m about to lay on you is going to BLISTERING. Ready? Ready for this segue? Right, here it comes: And if you want to enjoy a taste of future today, why not try out Water Jetpack thing we do RIGHT HERE.

You see! Awesome wasn’t it?