Gamers: Win a Driving Experience…

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You’ve stung around corners in your Bravado Gauntlet while playing GTA5.

You’ve torn up some city streets in your M1A2 Abrams in COD: Ghosts.

You’ve probably driven through a barn and emerged covered in hay and chickens while trying to conquer The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing For Home for the PS1. I sincerely hope so. There is an amazing hidden screen where Daisy and Boss Hogg… actually never mind, we’re getting off track.

So why am I shouting at you about video games and vehicles and startlingly short hot pants? Because we love you and because we want to send some dedicated gamers out there to get a taste of metal, petrol and guns (paintball) in the real world.

All you have to do, using the exciting competition mechanics you see below, is tell us which of the following you would like to do the most. We will randomly select one entry at random once the competition has expired and then that person will be sent off on the vehicular adventure of their dreams (i.e. the one they picked, they can’t spend the night with KITT from Knight Rider or anything).

So what’s on offer? Which of these is the most boat floating:

AUDI R8 EXPERIENCE: Six miles on a closed circuit in a supercar so awesome the Pope himself was heard to declare ‘Mama Mia that’s a spicy meatball!’ – MORE ON IT HERE

TANK BATTLE PAINTBALLING: Does what it says on the large, armoured tin vehicle. Rather than running about in the woods, you’ll be engaged in paintball combat… IN TANKS – GET THE SKINNY

RALLY CAR DRIVING EXPERIENCE: Who amongst us hasn’t had a recurring dream where we are driving off-road while wearing a crash helmet while a man next to us holds a clipboard and shouts ‘GO, GO, GO!’ Turn that dream in to gravel snaffling, Evo driving reality. – FIND OUT MORE

SKID CONTROL EXPERIENCE: Emulate your favourite stunt drivers like The Fall Guy, Hooper and…erm…George Michael? Trained stunty pros while show you how to skid, spin and aquaplane in style. – DETAILS OVER HERE

SINGLE SEATER THRILL: This is as close as you are going to get to a Formula 1 experience, unless you decide to get very friendly with Bernie Ecclestone. I mean VERY friendly. Take this unbelievable machine as fast as you dare around the track. HERE ARE THE FACTS

Which one will it be? All you have to do is select the one you think is most desirable and, after we pick the winner on December 5th, it could be you whizzing and skidding and tanking all over the shop. Good luck!

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