What Are The GTA 5 Cars In Real Life?

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What’s your favourite bit of the gaming behemoth GTA 5?

Is it the random beatings, the sudden bursts of ultra-violence or the hidden Dido concerts? No, of course it’s the cars! Those wonderful, animated, floridly titled cars.

We all have our favourites, with many of us having multiple posters adorning the walls of our bedsits. But if you are anything like me (and I sincerely hope that you aren’t, it’s awful) you may have wondered what the real inspiration for these magnificent automobiles could have been.

Well, don’t scratch your head until a well-formed groove appears on your cranium any longer. We’ve got the information you need right here! In handy dandy Infographic form, so it looks pretty and everything. And what is more, you can swipe the magical code beneath the image and stick the darned thing anywhere you fancy. Though it should probably be a website or blog, otherwise the council might be after you.

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