Heads of State: Cost Of Their Cars Vs Corruption

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Look, you don’t want your Head of State to be wandering the streets from parliamentary meeting to trade delegation, getting dust all over their turn-ups and a big, fat sweaty face, do you?

No, of course you don’t. That would be an abomination bordering on insanity. How is your country going to go cap in hand to the World Bank for a much needed bail out, if not in an enormous , glossy, bullet and catapult proof car? If they turned up in a Yugo or Fiat, they would be laughed out of the place before a cheque is cut.

Your El Presidente needs a massive motor to provoke respect and instil fear in their many enemies. But how do the nice friendly, happy states (hurrah!) match up to those naughty, nasty corrupt ones (boo!)? Do the baddies spend more than the goodies? Well now all those answers, and many more, can be answered with this rather splendid Infographic you see below. Look, digest and probably get a bit peeved at the craziness of it all.

And, just like the government does to your tax money, you can STEAL this magnificent artefact by swiping the code that lies beneath it and pasting it wherever you wish. Go one, we dare you.