Thrilling Helicopter Video Thrill!

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Chopper. Whirlybird. Skyplane.

No matter what you call a helicopter, there is one thing you can be sure of. They are very thrilling. How thrilling? How about thriller writer Frederick Forsyth performing all of Michael Jackson’s Thriller while on a tightrope THAT’S ON FIRE! That is only half as thrilling as a helicopter.

Especially when this particular helicopter is a a-scooping and a-swooping over the buildings, pigeons and congestion charges of the greatest capital city in the whole country. London Town. So great that Wings named an album after it. So large it now has three football clubs within it. So historic it makes you physically sick.

Yes, that probably sounds pretty nice. But I can tell you want proof. Actual proof that riding in a helicopter over London is in some way thrilling. Well here it is in all it’s cinematic glory. We just filmed, edited and rendered this amazing video showing what it’s like to head out on one of our incredible London helicopter experiences.

Take a cockpit eye’s view of the incredible sights and thoroughly iconic views you encounter while you are zapping about up there. You can see the video below and if it’s whetted your appetite for you own whirlybird antics, you can book one RIGHT HERE