Is Your Car Killing You?

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We all love our motor vehicles.

We love driving them, we love eating in them, we love fly-tipping out of them. Seriously, I would marry my car if I could. Marry her. I would, absolutely. Don’t push me, because I will. I’ll go out this afternoon and marry my Mondeo. Bella. And have the reception at Halfords.

And just like several of the other people, and inanimate objects, that I have previously married, our cars are continually trying to kill us. As the delightful Informational-Graphical (Or Infographic) below illustrates, there are a variety of ways in which your vehicle can suddenly become deadly – from fumes to Sat-Navs to appalling posture. And when they come to life due to some ancient Nordic curse.

We want to spread the word about all this auto-mayhem, so please feel free to swipe the graphic for your own internet information page, bulletin board or virtual hob-nobbery using the code displayed below. And don’t drive angry. Or badly.