We’ve Heard of Slow Moving Zombies, But This is Ridiculous

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Remember about a year ago when we had auditions for zombies at Pineapple Dance Studios? You do? Well these guys didn’t.

Uber zombie fan [name redacted] saw the ad and decided to apply. She got decked out in her most hideous undead garb and headed down to London. But there was one small problem. We’ll let them tell the rest of the story…

“‘My sister and I saw the advertisement for Zombie Auditions. Greatly excited and knowing that the 28th of June was shortly coming up, we booked our tickets from Manchester to London and did our make-up on the train.

“We got to Pineapple studios only to be told we were a year too late! Being Zombie fanatics, we were disappointed with ourselves for making such a big mistake, more so because we couldn’t show off our Zombie make-up, our Zombie moves and weren’t going to work as Zombies!!!

“We couldn’t enjoy the rest of our day in London. Just glumly sat on the Thames eating sausage rolls (not peoples fingers) until our train back home. We thought we’re not going to let this be the last of our Zombies, so we decided to get in contact following our Zombie day. We’re not going to give up that easily.”


All of us at Wish.co.uk admire your Zombie spirit, if not your attention to detail. Here are the two sisters in all their zombie glory.

If any zombie recruiters out there want to utilise their particular skills, drop us a line.

And to offer the slightest bit of solace, we’re going to send the girls on one of our zombie experiences. But please, guys, LOOK AT THE DATE. We don’t want you showing up for it a year late.

Hat tip to our friends at Zombie Camp.co.uk for telling us the girls story!