Leonardo DiCaprio Flyboards in Ibiza…

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After all the trouble he had with that Titanic malarky, you’d think Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be heading back into the water any time soon.

But a mere 16 years after drawing that lady like one of his French girls, he’s braved the briny deep again, when he partook in a spot of Flyboarding on a water jetpack in Ibiza.

Accompanied, according to the report,s by someone SHIRTLESS and someone else BIKINI-CLAD, Leo appeared to love jetting high above the waves powered by a high-density aquatic spurt and nerves of steel.

But, I hear you all cry, why are you tormenting us so? It has been well reported in a number of tabloid newspapers and high-level blog posts that the Wish.co.uk Flyboarding Experience sold out long ago, which is why we presume Mr. DiCaprio had to travel all the way to Ibiza to get some on.

Be tormented no more, as it just so happens our Flyboarding bonanza is back AND in full effect. Now you, just like old Mr Film Star Man over there, can strap on a pair of magical Jet Boots and scoot high over the waters in an adventure described as both ‘thrilling’ and ‘damp’.

And if you want to see what Leo looks like having a crack at it, so you can possibly steal his moves, there is a full report over here.

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