ITV Daybreak’s London Zombie Apocalypse!

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Wow! We were on the telly! A real telly, with lights and cushions and men with headphones and everything.

We popped over to ITV’s premier programme-on-before-This-Morning, Daybreak! And after being told repeatedly to stop calling him ‘Adrian’, we got down with Gethin Jones to discuss all things Halloween-y and to big up our fabulous new Zombie Battle Experience.

Which they decided to call London Zombie Apocalypse. To which we said, “fine, call it what you want, just keep that free coffee and Danish platter coming”.

Here’s a page with our name on it, RIGHT HERE, while the whole show can be seen HERE.

Big hot love to the Daybreak gang. And yes, we got your message and we’ll return that weather map later in the day – we really don’t know how it got in the van.