9 Crazy Facts About the Mile High Club

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Back in the day, people enjoyed romantic encounters on aircraft willy-nilly. Politicians, celebrities, pop stars – you name it, they were at it!

Well, we’re recreating those heady days before those Brussel-crats in Strasbourg went health and safety crazy and practically. Wish.co.uk is launching our own luxury Mile High Club!

We have a plane with a discreet, non-judgemental pilot attached and a fully stocked boudoir that contains everything you need to consort in the air.

Sheets! Pillows! Booze! A laminated safety information booklet! All will be yours to handle erotically.

You’ll get around a hour to commit whatever acts you have dreamed up, miles above the glorious British countryside. What more stimulation could a person possibly need?

We promise, this is all true and above board – really, really high above board. Set your love doors to cross check and get rude at altitude with our remarkable Mile High Club.

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But what else should you know about the Mile High Club? Read on to find out…

The 9 Crazy Facts*…

* Read: “made up facts”…

#1. The Mile High Club was conceived accidently when a consignment of the aftershave Blue Stratos became dislodged and spilled during a flight over Canada in 1971. The intoxicating vapours of the quality cologne sent those onboard into a frenzy of passion and a new movement was born.

#2. In 1977 a campaign was launched to decimalise the Mile High Club to attract more central European members, but the rival 1.609344 Kilometre Club failed the capture the imagination.

#3. A dedicated Mile High Club airline began operating in 1974, but soon went bust due to continued industrial action with aircraft cleaners and sanitizers.

#4. In 2002, a man in Gloucestershire attempted to join the Mile High Club without using an aircraft by building an enormous ladder in his backyard. Unfortunately after 13 feet he ran out of lumber.

#5. In 2007, a Mile High Club for pets was devised by a company in Palm Springs, California. They offered to fly dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes and small mammals into the air for procreation..

#6. Virgin boss Richard Branson told a newspaper he joined the Mile High Club at the age of 19, in an article headlined ‘Jesus Christ, Thanks for the Mental Picture Richard’.

#7. Just days after the announcement of commercial space travel, a company in Japan proposed the first Astro-Mile High Club, with plans to build a modified spacecraft which will counteract the troublesome problems of zero gravity using a system of pulleys and magnets

#8. For a short period in 1980s Australia, there were more private Mile High Club carriers than commercial airlines, with many businessmen using the cheaper Mile High option and taking a mannequin or cardboard cut-out with them to circumvent strict rules.

#9. The Mile Deep Club, a submarine version of the activity, was abandoned due to fear of exposure to the bends and the logistical problems presented by wetsuits.