Spare a Thought For the Millionaires [Infographic]

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As the various millionaires who govern us have been pointing out for a while now, financially things are quite tough, especially for millionaires.

Lugging your various items of jewellery down to ‘Gold 4 Cash 4 U‘ on the High Street every few days, just to get a bit of Foie Gras money, it’s a total nightmare. We decided to take a stand with our affluent, large-pocketed, fairly monocled brothers and sisters and examine just how far a cool million quid could have got you in years gone by compared to today.

Once you’ve have a thoroughly large squizz at some of the factoids on offer, I’m sure you’ll be popping all your kebab money into an envelope and pressing it into the hand of a passing Earl of Marquis with due haste. As Kermit said, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green‘ – but as we will discover, it’s also not easy having green.

And in the true spirit of capitalism and enterprise, feel free to steal this beloved Infographic using the embed code below. SPREAD THE WORD! SAVE THE TOFFS AND TRUMPS!