How To Build a Monster Truck

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Wait, so great big Monster Trucks aren’t the result of a juggernaut getting it on with a camper van?

No! Apparently neither mechanics nor nature work in that way. Boy is my face red. Instead Monster Trucks are painstakingly constructed by human beings. Human beings with passion, big tyres and too much time on their hands. And probably an extensive collection of novelty belt buckles. Don’t ask me why, I just picture them that way.

‘But yes,’ you warble, ‘you’ve certainly given me the vague ballpark nutshell of all that Monster Truck hoo-hah, but I’m on a particular brand of medication that forces me to insist on obtaining VERY SPECIFIC DETAILS about EVERYTHING and then add them to my dossier, which is called ‘The Dossier’ and buried in a country park not far from here’.

Behold! The Infographic below (if you’re not seeing the Infographic below, what’s wrong with you? Why have you got to cause trouble, eh?) fills you in on every aspect of Monster Truck construction from lug nuts to wing nuts. And many nuts in between. Upset your friends and baffle you enemies with your astounding range of new truck knowledge.

And then spread the word like some vehicular evangelist, and purloin that bit of code under the Infographic, paste it elsewhere and see it appear like a magical bonsai. Victory!

And if you like Monster Trucks so much, why don’t you marry them. Which you can on one of our Monster Truck types experiences RIGHT HERE (except the marrying part).