Win An Omlet Gift In Our Mother’s Day Competition

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Everyone has a mother. Unless you are a cyborg. Are you a cyborg? Because if you are, and I ask, you have to tell me. That’s the law. Ok, fine, you’re not a cyborg.

Soon it will be Mother’s Day. Literally the Day of the Mothers. A time to reflect and regard mothers of all varieties. Except the really bad ones. Let’s try to keep them out of it. They don’t deserve a day.

But what can you possibly give to your mother that she hasn’t already given to you? If she’s anything like my mum, she’ll constantly remind you that she provided the gift of life.

‘Here Mum, I got you some chocolates.’
‘That’s nice, though I gave you the gift of life.’
‘Hi Mum, here’s that Catherine Cookson box-set you asked for.’
‘Great. Nearly as great as the gift of life I gave you.’
‘Gift of life.’

You can’t really win. But, rather than the gift of life (which would be impractical and strange) what about giving your mother the gift of a lifetime? Or, even better, entering a competition where you might win the gift of a lifetime? Yes, you’re right, that is even better. Thanks to the wonderful people at, there is an astounding prize package to be won for your mum featuring jewellery, chicken accessories, booze, flowers, choccies and much more.

And one of the much mores is a wonderful afternoon tea provided by us! If you’ve never sat across from your own mother as she eats scones, then you haven’t lived my friend. All the details on how to enter are on the Omlet site RIGHT HERE, so think, enter and hope. In that order.

And if the thought of your own, or any other, mother indulging in afternoon tea has got you all excited, check out out lavish selection of such things OVER HERE

Unless you are a cyborg, in which case I insist you return to your hideous, metallic lair.