One Day All Wheels Will Be Square [Infographic]

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For far too long we have had to deal with the tyranny of the circle.

To me, it has always been the smuggest of shapes. Once a circle, or to a lesser extent it’s evil cousin the wheel, is brought into play, it can only mean one thing: doing something. Curves are an indicator of action and action means I will have to leave my large, padded, reclining chair and move in some way. And as we all know, nothing good can come of that.

Thankfully other lazy people like myself have also decided that curves, circles and wheels are pushy good-for-nothings who probably talk smack about you behind your back and need to be eradicated. They have tried to seek out an alternative and have turned to the safe, reliable square for inspiration. Ah, the square. There’s a shape that will never let you down. Just think of all the wonderful things that are square shaped: crisp sandwiches, potato waffles, oven chips.

As this erstwhile Infographic explains, the boffins are winning their war on the stupid, old-fashioned round wheel and are bringing in a bright new future with thrilling cubist designs – finally the domination of the circle could be coming to an end. And just think what could come next – square flowers, a hexagon sun, a triangular tambourine. The options are limitless.

And if you’d like to join this new non-circular revolution, just swipe the code to this Infographic and spread the propaganda at any venue where you feel the wheel is getting the upper hand. And remember that squares are the shape of things to come.