Win a Horsey Murder Book!

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Are you a fan of winning free things, intrigue and tiny little men in colourful costumes?

Yes, of course you are! Then do we have a fabulous free giveaway, prize-abundant competition type thrill-vent (a new word I just invented to signify a thrilling event – please don’t steal it, I have trademarked it and I am very litigious. Oh? Don’t believe me? Just try it, go on, I dare you?).

We have ten stupendous copies of the new racing thriller After the Fall by champion jockey A.P. McCoy for you readers to win, thanks to the lovely men and women at Orion Books.

In this first novel by the racing legend, a young hotshot jockey, packed to the hilt with his own demons and issues tries to claw his way to the top of the racing game while trying to seek revenge on the people responsible for his father’s downfall. Yoinks! Now there’s an intriguing prospect.

But before you all dash to Amazon and download it to your Kindle Fire using the one-step checkout process, here’s a chance to get it completely free and with no strong attached at all. Honestly. Nothing. Despite the… No, not even that. I’ve just checked.

To win a hardback copy of this galloping tome, head over to our Facebook page…..