You Might Be a Petrolhead If… [Infographic]

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Is someone is currently screaming into your face, “CARS CARS CARS, all you talk about is CARS” before bursting into tears and rushing from the room, as you turn over from Top Gear on Dave to watch Top Gear on BBC Three, while idly watching cars drive by through the window?

If this is you, you might be a Petrolhead, that peculiar condition where anything automotive causes your eyes to glaze over, your breath to shorten and your voicebox to release involuntary ‘erg’ sounds. You simply love motors. Their cute little bonnets, there delightful floor mats and their infeasibly attractive roof racks. Every aspect of the internal combustion engine causes you to swoon and gurgle like a young lady at a David Essex pop concert.

But if you are still to be convinced about your Petrolhead standing, have a squint at this rather nifty Infographic, which lays out all the potential symptoms of Petrolhead-ism, a bit like those terrifying information posters you get at the doctors office about gout that leave you feeling a little clammy. Use the code below to swipe this beauty and share the facts with potential fellow sufferers.

As you Petrolheads always say, “Happy Car Driving!”