The Truth About Our Riot Training Experience…

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Been living under a tree without access to either the Daily Mail or ITV News? Then you might have missed the fuss about our Riot Training experience, which is – quite literally – all the rage.

Now, unlike much of the press coverage would have you believe, you train as a riot cop. You’ll learn the mysteries, intrigues and fundamental steps of basic riot control will be revealed, including who runs at who, good/bad things to wave about and which way up to hold your riot shield.

You will not, for the avoidance of doubt, be training on how to riot (obviously). Inciting a riot is a criminal offence in the UK, and people go to jail for jokes on Twitter/Facebook. You’ve been warned.

Which didn’t stop the local MP making the following statement…

“After last summer’s riots, we should certainly not being helping people to understand how to riot better – but that appears to be exactly what’s happening in Worcestershire right now.”

Ho hum.

Tickets will set you back a mere £79, and the experience takes part in Droitwich, near Birmingham.

We’ve also got our mitts on the brand new promo video…

…which is also available on YouTubes.

Want to join us? Head on over to the the site and get booked in.