11 Insane Sci-Fi Inventions You Never Knew Existed [Infographic]

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Remember your favourite Sci-Fi spectaculars such as ‘The Zygon Paradox’, ‘Commander Bucko and his Space Chums’ and ‘Galaxy Gambol’?

If you are anything like me, your favourite part of these remarkable intergalactic epics are the crazy futuristic devices and gadgets that the principal characters utilise. Things for your health, items for transportation and large virtual reality zones where you can pretend to be Sherlock Holmes or Lovejoy.

But you may be gob-smacked to learn that many of these items currently exist within our planet: Earth. Below you will find a whole legion of these magical objects, displayed in Infographic form. Their history, influence and dimensions will be utterly explained to you.

And what is more we’d be happy for you to swipe this wondrous pictorial for your own World Wide Web ‘inter-page’ and place it wherever you wish, just by copying the code you can see below. And don’t worry, a gaggle of Thought Police in visors and white uniforms won’t break down the door of your pod for doing so.

11 Insane Sci-Fi Inventions_IG_revised1