Reptilian Shapeshifters: Which Celebrities Are Really Reptiles?

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I think there can be no doubt at all that some of us are aliens. There’s simply too much evidence out there and too many blogs, sites and niche magazines dedicated to the fact. But there seems to be a massive proportion of the famous and renowned who were born as thinly disguised reptiles, arrived here from another planet and decided to pursue a career in light entertainment while avidly observing our behaviour. A few brave souls, particularly on YouTube, are dedicated to unmasking these lizard people for the baddies that they are and telling the world who is a shapeshifter and why. Here are a few of the top candidates, with indefatigable proof included.


Not George W. Bush, he is merely the son of an alien, but his dad, George Bush Snr, the one that Homer Simpson beat up. In this video, you can see that his fearful reptillian eyes shape-shift in a weird manner during a debate with Bill Clinton (probably another alien, he just hides it better). Others claim his weird eyes are down to demonic possession. Either way, it’s not good.


You’ll see a whole host of reptillian shape-shifters on offer in this video, but it’s Paul ‘Macca’ McCartney who is the most weird and alien. It would certainly explain a lot. Wings. The Frog Chorus. His constant ‘thumbs up’ gestures. He is signalling to his home planet and letting them know how easy it is to conquer the pop charts over here. Especially at Christmas.


Is she a Martian? Is she a vampire (a space vampire obviously)? Or is she just double jointed? (If a gum can be double jointed). Whatever the reasons, there is something odd going on inside Avril Lavigne’s mouth and we don’t mean her Canadian accent. Does the disappearing flatness of her munchers indicate some kind of alien shenanigans? Wake up people! Of course it does!


The evidence that Ri-Ri is a shapeshifter of the highest order appears to be  displayed here in a selection of saucy pictures presented in a slideshow format. Her fondness for doing ‘devil hands’ while being photographed also adds to the ammunition. Oh and then there’s her ‘Triad Hyperspace Sacred Geometry Magnetism’ which she’s always chucking in our faces. And her last name is Fenty, which sounds dead alieny to me.


Busted! Sorry Angelina, but here is indisputable proof that you are indeed an Illuminati funded reptillian shapeshifter from beyond the black hole sun. How else can you explain that bit of white powder on your jaw? Obviously you were trying to cover up your natural grey skin and scales. And not that you got a bit over-zealous with the talcum powder when you got out of the bath.


You cannot deny that in this footage, Elvis looks really, really weird. Maybe it’s the distorted black and white video footage. Or maybe it’s because he’s the King, not only of Rock and Roll but also the universe. I mean, it is hard to look normal in a sequinned jump suit, but even so, there is something very reptillian about this whole scenario.


So why would the reptillian, Illuminati, shapeshifting agenda want to recruit the star of Jackass, known for his utterly stupid antics, for their evil designs? Maybe to lull us into a false sense of security and convince us that these mutant overlords are mere buffoons before  make their move and enslave us? Or to bamboozle us with their stunts until we’re suddenly under their control and mining space minerals on this distant moon before we know it? Either option is too hideous to consider.


No! Not the Godfather of soul? The hardworkingest man in showbusiness? Mr Please Please Please himself? I’m sorry but the evidence is overwhelming. Not only was James a Sex Machine, but he was also a repitillian shapeshifting machine, beaming his observations back to his home planet in an attempt to unearth our weak spots. There is no way that the dodgy video feed is responsible for the curious altering of his face, it has to be the Illuminati.


You may think he’s just a sweet and innocent child. But if Justin was going to reveal his obvious reptillian background, it would be while he’s under pressure and on trial for drag racing. Of course he would signal for help from his alien bosses and request a tractor beam to safety. Sadly, on this occasion, it never arrived.


Alongside the Pope and leading weather presenters, you would assume the leading figures of the alien insectoid monster army would be members of the royal family. As this slow motion, non-curated footage proves, there is certainly something amiss with the faces of Prince William and his lizard bride Kate. Whether it’s their alien heritage, or just the fact that they are English, can’t be immediately established. But the continued existence of Prince Phillip establishes that there is something other-worldly happening with our royals.