Space Travel: Then and Now [Infographic]

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Space. The final frontier. Except for all those other ones. Like exotically flavoured chutneys.

Ever since primitive man learned how to look up without dying, we have been obsessed with that large dark, starry mass that’s out there somewhere. And ever since we noticed it existed, we’ve been trying to get there; either by long ladders, jumping or some sort of catapult. Many, many perished.

But all those stupid space attempts are now far behind us, as commercial space travel is just one enormous bank transfer away, for the rich and for the financially well-endowed. We’ve come a long way, from goofy looking spacesuits, food in tubes and dogs with antennas strapped to their heads.

This rather nifty infographic explains everything about astro-ventures, from the weird lumpy Russian devices to sleek Space Shuttles that we’d all happily have in our rumpus rooms.

Feel free to not only read the infographic with unbridled joy, but to also completely steal it and stick it on your website, using the magical embed code below. No, really! Just take it!

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