Tatler Reports on Zombie Shopping Mall

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Focusing on the finer things of life, Tatler is a magazine that has been showcasing glamour and high society since 1901. SO WHY THE FLIP ARE WE IN THERE!?!

No, we’re not part of Cressida’s Crew (though a boy can dream). The magnificent Emma Kennedy aka @EmmaK67 visited our fabulous Zombie Shopping Mall in Reading.

And it sounds like she quite enjoyed it:

Try and imagine the most fun you have ever had, times it by 10, add a trillion – and, even then, it doesn’t come close to the awesomeness of this amazing day out.”

That’s pretty positive, thank you Emma K!

Read her review in an online capacity RIGHT HERE

And get yourself to Zombie Shopping Mall UP IN HERE

And if anyone from Horse & Hound, Yachts International and The Robb Report fancy having a go, drop us a line. We’re getting all fancy!