Mile High Club: The Sun Has The World’s First Review…

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Our ‘Luxury Mile High Club’ gets its wings…

We’ve had a flurry of interest in our Luxury Mile High Club when we launched, most recently from ITV’s This Morning.

To recap, we’re offering a UK first – the once-in-a-lifetime chance to join the Mile High Club in your very own private jet.

One booking enquiry came from the UK’s top tabloid (and zombie newspaper of record) The Sun.

They asked to get ex-Loaded editor Martin Daubney and his missus booked in pronto to see what all the fuss was about – and, crucially, to answer the question on everybody’s lips: “is it worth five thousand smackers?”.

Martin’s verdict? “[It] might not be great for the greens — but by Jove it was great for the groans.”

Read the full writeup here and get booked in here.

PS. Since you can’t make it out so well in The Sun photos, here’s what their trophy says…


Thanks also to Jonathan Pow for the tremendous photographs on the day – take a look at more photos from the shoot here.