Wish.co.uk Goodies on ITV’s Tipping Point

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Tipping Point

It’s the only game show on television that utilises the power of those seaside, two pence, shuffle based amusement games that have no official name. No really, I’m serious, what are those things called? Coiny Slot Drops?

Yes, it’s Tipping Point. And despite the infuriating incomprehension of having no name for the machine at the heart of the show, we still love it and particularly it’s host Ben Shephard. BEN! BEN! I’m assuming you Google your own name constantly so will probably read this. BEN!

BEN! Did you get the socks I knitted? One with T embroidered on it and the other with P? I don’t know if I made it clear in my six page letter, but that stands for Tipping Point! You see, it’s clever, like you. I was at the Frankie & Bennys on the night I mentioned in the letter, but I didn’t see you. You were probably busy being hunky and ace.

Anyway, my Shepard based fantasises edge ever close to reality as Wish.co.uk provides one of the prizes for an upcoming show. This Wednesday, March 19th at 4pm, drop everything and glue yourself to the television, as I will be doing and you’ll see our name and professional logo on Tipping Point.

What are we giving away? I’m not allowed to reveal that, but let’s just say it involves shooting a pigeon that is not made out of porcelain. No, it’s made out of clay. It’s clay pigeon shooting. I wonder which contestant will win it? Maybe it will be me! Oh no, it can’t be me, I work for the company and there’s that restraining thing that Ben had applied to me. That trickster. BEN!

Watch the show RIGHT HERE on the ITV Player, so called as it ‘plays’ shows broadcast by ‘ITV’.

Or if you’d rather go clay pigeon shooting, have a crack at it THIS WAY.

BEN! BEN! Oh no, that’s just a plastic bag in a tree.