Wish.co.uk on ITV’s Tipping Point

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Obviously you are all glued to ITV’s latest game show extravaganza Tipping Point, featuring Ben Shephard and a trio of celebrities trying to outwit a devious machine for charity. But did you know Wish.co.uk, your favourite experience merchant, was involved?

Due to our near-frightening devotion to all things Shephard and our love of puzzles, we were delighted to contribute items such as our Theatre Dinner for Two and some exquisite Clay Pigeon Shooting as prizes for the show.

You can catch the wondrous Ben and witness his delightful Tipping Point, Sundays on ITV 1 or watch it on catch up HERE.

Here’s how it looked as our name actually appeared on national television. We were so proud…


 And here’s the man who won it. Look how happy he is! His name is Vic!