The Wonderful World of Twitter #JournoRequest

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Twitter can be used for many wondrous things: veiled threats, overt threats, passive-aggressive threats…

But it also an excellent tool for those looking for journalists’ and the like, who try to find unsuspecting rubes to illustrate their article on ‘Why I Smell and I’m Proud Of It’ on the social media network using the #journorequest hashtag.

But amongst the desperate, deadline-compromising pleas are some excellent spoofs, pastiches and giggleblips, as well as legitimate ones that are too abstract to be believed.

The excitable @Brainmage hurts all of our minds with this superb combination of astro-surrealism and the magically mundane:

Some tell a baffling little story all on their own:

A few have a vague air of truth about them. I’m sure I saw this show on Channel 4. It was part of the ‘Body Gosh’ series:

The occasional personal ad sneaks in, but how are Journos supposed to meet people?

Some scream ‘I’ve been staring at the computer screen for 11 hours straight and now I don’t know what everything means’:

@JoeThe Dough gives us all that warm, fuzzy feeling that can only be described as ‘unspecified fear’:

They can even be satirical, as @dangusset proves:

Some don’t mean to be funny, but manage it through the marvellous world of typos:

And the final word has to go to @LoveandGarbage: