Win VIP Zombie Boot Camp Tickets With @SimonPegg’s #TwitterMillion

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We’ve just heard about Mr Simon Pegg’s fundraising plans for Red Nose Day 2013, and the stonking #TwitterMillion.

In case – like us – you’ve been living under a rock, the #TwitterMillion is a celeb drive to raise £1m for Red Nose Day.

The team are offering two – count ’em – once-in-a-lifetime exclusive…

VIP Tickets
Zombie Boot Camp

…plus more exclusive Warm Bodies/zombie prizes.

What Can You Win?

#1. Biggest Donation: VIP Zombie Boot Camp Tickets

You’ll earn this exclusive VIP package, not available ANYWHERE else for making the biggest single donation. It’s worth around £600 by our maths. It’ll include…

  • 2x tickets for Zombie Boot Camp
  • 2x hotel rooms for one night nearby
  • 2x train tickets from anywhere in the UK

We’ll get the whole trip booked in and organised for you.

#2. Second Biggest Donor: Zombie Boot Camp + Warm Bodies Goodies

You’ll get your mitts on a load of goodies for zombie romanace Warm Bodies. Included is…

  • 1x (regular) ticket for Zombie Boot Camp
  • Warm Bodies novel
  • Warm Bodies hoodie
  • Warm Bodies hand warmer

Take a look at the Warm Bodies movie launch when we helped out back in January. You can pre-order Warm Bodies on DVD and Blu-ray over here at Amazon.

#3. Three Lucky Donors

Three donors (of any amount) will be chosen at random, and will win a goodie bag with…

  • Tote bag
  • T-Shirt
  • Stickers
  • Some braiiiins or zombie slippers (depending what we have left…)

Phew! What you waiting for?

How to Donate (Hint: Be Quick)

#1. Head over to our Red Nose Day page to make a donation and…


#2. Check out the highest donation so far – you’ll need to beat that to win the top prize (but there are prizes for the second biggest and for random donors too).

#3. Make your donation. It can be £1 more or £10 more – it’s up to you (or you can just donate because you’re a nice person).

The top three donors will win the three prizes. Each person is eligible for only one prize. It ends on 15 March at 5 PM, so donate now to ensure you don’t miss out!

How Does #TwitterMillion Work?

Celebs are building their own Red Nose Day fundraising armies. Enter Team Pegg, @SimonPegg’s fundraising army on Twitter…



Like any modern army, you can follow their progress on Twitter (via hashtag #TeamPegg). Don’t forget to follow @SimonPegg on Twitter for updates.

You can learn all about #TwitterMillion over here.

What’s Red Nose Day All About?

EVERYBODY knows Red Nose Day, right? But not everybody knows exactly what the charity behind it, Comic Relief, do with the millions of pounds they raise each year.

Find out over here who and how you’d be helping – not only in Africa but closer to home in the UK.

What Is Zombie Boot Camp?

Zombie Boot camp is an awesome live-action zombie shoot-’em-up. It’s been featured on TV/radio/newspapers around the world, including CNN, Fox News, Metro and FHM.

It takes place just outside Birmingham, and a pair of regular common-or-garden tickets would usually set you back £158.

This video by our friends at CNet gives you a good idea of what to expect…

Got questions? Ask us on Twitter or drop us a line.

Those Instructions once again

Head over to our Red Nose Day page to make your donation. Don’t forget, the more you donate, the better your chances of winning!

This ends on 15 March at 5 PM, so best get over there now to make sure you don’t miss out!