Vernon Kay Revs Our Engines On All Star Family Fortunes

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We’ve been at it again! No, that thing. We have apologised for that profusely and are attempting to move on with our lives.

No, we’ve been at the All Star Family Fortune gift giveaway thing again! This time, as you can see from Vernon’s cheeky little grin behind that convincing steering wheel, we supplied one of our fabulous driving experiences to one lucky competitor.

In the hotly contested Coronation Street special, which saw the families of Andy Whyment compete against Debbie Rush, lucky duck David Rush said the word ‘pen’ and then all hell broke loose. Not only had he picked the top answer for ‘What non-spoon items do people stir their tea with’ but also swiped a spot prize.

Dave blagged on of our amazing Spokes and Slicks driving days at Goodwood, featuring a whole slew of classic vehicles, just waiting for his attractive, nubile frame to slip into them. To that man we declare Kudos! And hope good fortune rains down on all the Rush’s and their kin.

See more crazy Vernon action on All Star Family Fortunes, Sunday tea-time on ITV 1. Will we give away more amazing stuff? Tune in to find out. Or watch the latest episode OVER HERE

And if you fancy being just like Dave and spinning around Goodwood at a rate of knots (the car kind) take a look at it RIGHT HERE

And because you deserve it, here’s another sneaky pic of Vern…