Zombie Boot Camp on Discovery Channel

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Not everyone has to grind through the 9-5. New DMAX series Forbidden explores the strange and wonderful jobs people do – and the first episode features some of the folks that help our Zombie Boot Camp come to life.

The segment on Zombie Boot Camp  features one of our zombie actors Rob Hall and make-up artist Zoe McCutcheon talking about their unusual work. With behind the scenes access and interviews with our zombie horde, you’ll see how we put together our awesome, immersive experiences.

Zombie Bootcamp - prepare for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Boot Camp – prepare for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse.

The show also looks at how Zombie Boot Camp has become popular people all over the world, with people travelling from every corner of the Earth to the UK, just to be part of the zombie apocalypse. 

Forbidden’s first showing is at 10pm on DMAX, Tuesday 4th of November.