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Please, we beg you, be less boring.

Now don’t get all huffy and indignant – even though you do look unbearably cute when you’re pouting. We want to help you in your banishment of boredom. How?

Welcome to Wish.co.uk! Your hub for all things excitement. We are offering you, the good people of Earth, a massive array of incredible experiences.

We’re talking Zombies, Afternoon Teas, Photoshoots, Skydiving, Sphereing, SWAT Training, River Cruises, Racecar Driving and a literal slew of others. All at a low, low price, fully guaranteed payments and the best customer service on this and any other world.

How does it work? Perhaps this fabulous video can illustrate:

Still confused? Feel free to finger through our manifesto RIGHT HERE.

Everything you need to know is over on our WEBSITE.

APRIL 2013 UPDATE: We never got around to doing our blog they way we wanted to. Until a quiet Sunday this month. We’ve *finally* published our old blog posts that were previously unpublished (read: half-finished in the “drafts” folder). They tell the Wish.co.uk story in all it’s glory. Go check them out!