What Does Your Car Say About You?

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The question I’m asked most in my life is ‘What is wrong with you?’ the second question most asked is ‘No, really, what is wrong with you?’

I’m asked it all the time by family members, strangers, passing motorists and, for some reason, traffic wardens. Maybe it’s my headgear, maybe it’s the ‘new walk’ I’m trying out. But whatever the reason, the general public appear to be perpetually compelled by me and my odours. But it seems you people, generally known as ‘normal, sane people’, are more of an open book.

‘But how,’ you splutter while spraying muesli all over the barista. It’s your car. It reveals more about you than your name, height or a thorough internal medical examination. All is revealed in this informative and completely Meerkat free Infographic that is reproduced below. Within it, all the vehicular nuggets that indicate exactly the sort of person you are and what has gone wrong are openly displayed and celebrated.

If, after reading, you do make a breakthrough and find it necessary to share your emotions with the larger world, you can simply take the code that lives under the Infographic like a common bridge troll and slap it up, good and proper, all over the gaff. By which I mean internet.

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