Win Prizes With ME, No Not Me, ME!

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Do you possess the hankering to win a plethora of delicious, partially inedible prizes?

Of course you are! You’re only human. Unless you are one of those super-intelligent dolphins I keep reading about, in which case I don’t want any trouble, just take what you want and leave me alone and please don’t train that blowhole mounted sniper rifle on me.

For all of you non-aquatic sea-life assassins out there, we have teamed up with ME to literally give you prizes, in a competition themed event of galactic proportions. And the winning could not be easier. Remember those cheap games you received from unloved relatives at Christmas where you had to get ball-bearings into a clown’s face? Remember how easy it was? This is easier.

Just head over to the ME website which is situated RIGHT HERE and win instant prizes every day. Everything from afternoon tea in a number of increasingly quaint locations to Supercar driving experiences to nipping up the Shard coupled with a delightful lunch. All could be yours at the tweaking of a mouse.

Or, if you insist, go look up @MobileEnergy on popular micro-blogging site Twitter and use the hashtag #JoinmeHere for more info. Oh wait, ME stands for Mobile Energy, I just worked that out!

So dash like a panther over to to get your beautifully sculpted hands on some goodies right now!