Win a Supercar Experience!

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I know exactly what you’re thinking in that beautifully shaped noggin of yours: yes, I want to drive an amazingly fancy Supercar and no, I don’t want to pay a penny for the privilege you neck-cyst possessing weirdo dingy-nut.

Firstly, how do you know about my cyst/boat thing? And secondly, of course you don’t and do! And we can help you achieve this through the medium of a gambit, tontine or competition, with our wonderful new friends over at, the only place to go to compare car rental prices. If you are comparing car rental prices anywhere else, then you are wrong.

Just head to this page HERE or blast on over to this FACEBOOK page, which is some sort of new website I’ve just heard all about and enter. And who knows, you could be zipping around the track in the Supercar of your dreams, the dreams where you are driving a Supercar, not the dream where you marry a Supercar, move to Tenby and open a Planet of the Apes themed bed and breakfast establishment.

You have until midnight on Sunday the 26th of January 2014 to get your details seen and accepted. If you win you’ll get a voucher from us and soon you’ll be in some form of car on some sort of racecourse.

So do your best, we believe in you and let your Diems be nothing but Carpe-ed.