The Amazing 2014/15 Calendar

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wish calendar

A calendar? In March?!

Let us explain; before the world was full of microwavable sushi and Michael McIntyre, we used to have a year that started in March and ended in March. Not the same March, the next March. Then the Romans, or somebody, came along and mucked it all up and suddenly we needed a special rhyme to keep the lengths of the months straight. Disgusting.

But because we like old fashioned things and because we didn’t manage to get our proper calendar to the printers in time at the end of last year, we’ve put together this completely unique March to March Olde Englysh Calendrific Device, brimming with special dates and notable occurrences like Insurance Awareness Day (June 28th), Golf Month (August) and Danny DeVito’s birthday (look it up).

Just click on this outstanding link:


And there you will see the whole thing in glorious PDF-O-Vision. Just print it off right there and then or right click and download it to peruse at a later date. No longer will you have to rely on clumsy abacuses or sun dials to work out that ‘time of the month’, now it’s right there spread out in front of you thanks to us!