The World’s Very Worst Cars According To

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With cars, like footballers, certainly the expensive ones catch the eye, but the truly terrible ones are far more entertaining.

Yes, watching a gazelle-like centre-forward hurtling down the flank, dummying four defenders and then slotting home a delicate chip is very nice, but watching a donkey of a defender taking a huge swipe at the ball, missing by several feet and somehow kicking himself in the knackers is going to get more hits on You Tube.

And so it is we turn to vehicular donkeys. Those cars that, rather than being produced with precision and flair, are more thrown together by glueing some metal onto a shopping trolley and waving an engine in its general direction while being sick. Clunkers, bangers and lemons that are all beautifully represented in our Infographic below. Think of it as a sort of virtual wallchart that you can ‘hang’ (post) onto your ‘wall’ (internet).

And if you want to tell the world about low quality automobiles, like a cut-rate Jeremy Clarkson with a speech impediment and a squint, just swipe the code from beneath the image and paste anywhere you like! Even a haberdashers!

And if you like drivey car type things, we’ve got lots of the suckers RIGHT HERE