Zombie Auditions: The Movie!

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It was spooky, kooky and altogether AWESOME! On 28 June, we held zombie auditions at Pineapple Studios in London’s glittering West End.


We put out the call and you released a groan. In your hundreds, thanks to a little help from some bloke on Twitter called Stephen Fry who happened to mention it…

Add in the sterling work of our pals at Monster.com, and we had a unhealthy amount of the undead vying to become the latest additions to our Zombie Manor House experience.

Zombie Auditions: The Movie

Here’s what happened on the day…

(The video’s also available on YouTube, if that’s your thing)

Prospective ghouls, caked in what only can be described as gory stuff, came from as far as Hull in an attempt to catch the judges’ eye with their diseased goings-on. And we were stunned by the attention to detail and unattractive smotherings that these dedicated fans of the non-living came up with.

We were completely overwhelmed by the excellence and enthusiasm of everyone that took part, especially when 50 or so of the stinking, rotting beasts took a bit of a stroll to a very understanding Soho pub and scared the Dickens out of tourists and disgruntled office workers alike.

But now the auditions are complete we have the highly difficult task of selecting the perfect zombie for the job. Someone who displays all the perfect attributes required in a living dead employee.

The calculations are currently occurring – so WATCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER NEWS…

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