Zombie Auditions: The Best of YouTube

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It seems an extraordinary amount of people have the desire to slather themselves with make-up, distribute gore liberally over their personages and wander around a manor house scaring the essential essences out of members of the general public.

The response to our Zombie auditions announcement can be described in one or possibly two words: overwhelming. (Ah, looks like it’s one). Tons of you shuffled down to the Pineapple Studios in London to try out, stunning the citizens of Soho who were not used to seeing people dressed in an unusual way.

But those who were trapped in the outer reaches of the UK and couldn’t attend sent us videos instead.

Here’s a smattering of the best ones from our YouTube channel

YouTube Audition #1: Stella Gaynor

Stella went the well known ‘bunny shaker’ route…

YouTube Audition #2: Sophie Mitchell

We liked Sophie’s use of a hedge…

YouTube Audition #3: Zombie of the Manor

‘Zombie of the Manor’ certainly has the right name to become a Manor Zombie…

YouTube Audition #4: Sarah Van Dyke

All we can think is ‘what’s in the box?’

YouTube Audition #5: Chris Eaten

We call this one the ‘confused butcher’

YouTube Audition #6: Ian Stewart

Ahhh, it’s zombie love. In a shed.

YouTube Audition #7: Keir “Brains” Moffat

That is a good price for garlic bread…

YouTube Audition #8: Andy Hipgrave & Tabbii Huxley

Another zombie couple – do I hear zombie wedding bells?

If any of these videos provoke any sort of emotion then let us know in the comments. Why not use that crazy screen name you devised for yourself? Like ‘SchlabberNab 333233’ or ‘The Gangrene Horse’?

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