Zombies on Big Brother with Rob Hall

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Our favourite professional zombie Mr. Rob Hall aka @CaptainKindling recently made a very special appearance at the Big Brother house!

Much like the Charlie Brooker penned mini-series Dead Set, zombies descended on the housemates to provide a rude, and scary, awakening.

And it couldn’t come at more apt time as it’s exactly a year since Rob vanquished the competition and reigned supreme at our Zombie Auditions extravaganza.

Rob told us:

“It was a fairly out of the blue experience! I didn’t know what the job was until I got there, and couldn’t talk about it until the air date…

“I’d have to say it’s closely tied with the GiffGaff advert as the biggest achievement of my undead career so far! And the fact that it’s pretty much a year to the day since the auditions makes it a nice way to mark how much and how bizzarrely (in a good way) my life’s changed in the last 12 months.”

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