Zombie Blitz 1940 Launch Party

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We crammed a whole bunch of quivering journos and VIPs into the tunnels under Waterloo station to experience one of the most terrifying, unique and below-the-belt clechingest evenings any of them had even braved.

They were a few of the lucky (?) ones to face Zombie Blitz 1940, a totally new, completely original horror experience combining war, history, dead things and enclosed spaces.

Here’s some of the reactions…


And if we can scare a bunch of seasoned media types, used to dealing with all the terror that cats in bins and the name of Kim and Kanye’s child has to offer, then it’s probably going to scare you too.


Set in Blitz blitzed London town, a hideous experiment has gone wrong and some formerly dead German soldiers might not be as dead as previous estimates suggested.

Now, with the help of some helpful souls, you need to escape the bunker before they gobble you down like some deliciousΒ powdered egg and spam prepared by a harridan in curlers whistling a Flanagan and Allen tune while performing a curious dance from the period.

Here’s a little preview of the night from The London Evening Standard [NB. There’s a few errors in the details – best get your dates etc over here].

Plus a review courtesy of Mid Tea Photography RIGHT HERE

More pictures, reviews haiku’s and erotic pictograms will be added soon. In the meantime, get your tickets pronto OVER HERE or browse some of our other fantastic Zombie adventures IN THIS BIT.

Thanks to Bernd Talasch for the pics.