Win “Zombie Boot Camp” Shooting Targets!

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zombie targets

It’s the perfect prize for the zombie loving man, woman or pet in your life.

Ideal decoration for any squat or historic manor house, these exclusive zombie targets signs are great for visual display or for your preparations in regards to the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Simply attach these targets to a wall or standing surface, then jump about pretending you have a gun, taking aim and making a ‘piow-piow’ noise with your mouth. Or just stand back and admire their obvious beauty.

The gruesome zombie doctor and zombie machete owner and the other one come from Zombie Boot Camp. They are made from some sort of material and are definitely a certain size.

How to Enter The Competition

Just follow us at @WISHCOUK and hit this here button…

…and retweet our desperate pleas.

Do all that stuff by midnight on June 14 2013 and these tremendous artefacts can be yours.

For added incentive, we are happy to sign these items with the name of a fictional zombie celebrity of your choice. Frankenstein, that one off the Walking Dead, Evil Dead lady… just let us know and we’ll scrawl something on there.

So don’t just sit there drinking that cheap Mexican brandy – head to Twitter and snap up some Zombie tat right this second!