Zombie Boot Camp: The Video

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You’ve HEARD about Zombie Boot Camp. You’ve READ about Zombie Boot Camp. You’ve DREAMED of Zombie Boot Camp until the dreams made the inside of your mind raw and caked with gore.

Now there are moving images to accompany the fervent fantasies you’ve been brewing. Check out this amazing video by Moysifer all about his zombie experience day and the brave undead battling he embarked on….

And read all about his thoughts RIGHT HERE. Got absolutely no idea what we are going on about and the confusion is leaving you angry and baffled? We don’t blame you! Then read all about our various zombie endeavours below:

Zombie Boot Camp Mall: HERE, HERE

Zombie Shopping Mall: HERE, HERE

Zombie Manor House: HERE, HERE

Surely you too could be fighting, rumbling and swearing at the living dead, just like Moysifer and his merry pals. And stay tuned for more exciting zombie news that will be hitting Wish.co.uk very soon!