Introducing “Zombie Shopping Mall”…

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Update: Zombie Shopping Mall is now sold out. Sorry! 🙁

Once it was the job of the nation’s elderly to shuffle around shopping centres, smelling a bit odd and having bits drop off them. But there’s a new menace that’s littering the mall. Wombles.

Sorry, misread that… we mean ZOMBIES!

In our mind-blowingly scary new experience – Zombie Shopping Mall – you’ll be dropped into a spooky abandoned shopping centre in Reading.

There you will go from floor to floor, battling zombies who have infiltrated the site (don’t mix the zombies up with the lifeless, indolent types who work in nearby Top Shop.).

What’ll I Be Up Against?

You and your team will receive full training from the assigned police unit, advising you the best way to dispatch your scabby enemies.

Then you’ll tackle these groaning deadbeats face to face, in a movie-like experience, unfolding in real time, where your decision affect the outcome.

After this, you and your comrades face these shuffling beasts alone, in what is known as a ‘run and gun’ experience.

You’ll need nerves of steel, a will of iron and brains of titanium to successfully fend off this legion of gentlemen and ladies who used to be alive, then died, and now appear to be alive again for some undisclosed reason.

In other words: zombies.

There will be gore and running, so if you’re a weedy nervous stamp-collecting type, then keep walking.

Running, shooting, shouting, blood, horrible skin. It’s just an average day at the shopping centre. Except it’s not. This shopping centre has a very special offer available – horror!

Here’s what zombie connoisseur Mr Simon Pegg has to say…

We couldn’t put it any better ourselves.

Don’t miss out – they’re knocking the shopping centre down, so tickets are limited. You can buy tickets here.