Till Death Do Us Part…

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It was a nice day for a fright wedding, as Billy Idol almost, nearly sang.

Just for a change of pace, the streets of central London witnessed a phalanx of sickly, groaning, near-human figures, as bride and groom horror aficionados Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore from Stockport tied the knot in full zombie regalia.

After beating out a slew of other prospective living dead couples, they won a competition from the makers of video game Dead Island Riptide to throw the biggest matrimonial monster bash the capital has ever seen. Just watch this wedding video and see if it doesn’t have the tears rolling down your grotesque, scab-addled faces.

Bride, groom, priest and 250 members of the congregation were all zombiefied – eventually resembling some hideous knees-up in a post-nuclear apocalyptic nether world. There was further trouble at the reception where no one could tell where the party’s running sores stopped and the running buffet started.


But we wish all the luck in the world to these ghoulie-weds and let’s hope we’ll soon here the shuffle of little zombie feet.