YouTuber BriBry Tries Indoor Skydiving

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In his erstwhile attempt to tick off as many things as humanly possible from his bucket list, YouTube superstar BriBryonTour (@BriBryontour if you are Twitlerate) and his beautifully coiffured friend Jason allowed us to take them for a spot of Indoor Skydiving. For the uninitiated, Indoor Skydiving is skydiving indoors. Or, to explain it in ways that are actually useful, rather than heading quite swiftly downwards from a big plane in the sky, you are blasted upwards by a giant fan thing and float about like a discarded Subway sandwich wrapper caught in an updraught. As you can see from the videotaped results presented below, BriBry had a fabulous time, despite the intervention of his legs. Plus, there’s the added bonus of seeing his forehead for the first time anywhere on the planet! Take that The One Show! Tell the young man exactly how you feel about his exploits by visiting his small, delightful section of the YouTube site RIGHT HERE. Has all that falling upwards in a jumpsuit got you hot and bothered? Book your own Indoor Skydiving funfest ON THIS BIT.  And check out BriBry having a bit of a bash at our SWAT Training from a while…

Win Goodies with YouTube’s Daily Mix!

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We are already enormous fans of  beauty, make-up and fashion stalwarts the Daily Mix. Whenever we’re not down the newsagents buying the latest edition of ‘Service Devices of Downton Abbey’ magazine (there was a free novelty mangle), we are watching their glamourising tips over on their YouTube channel, featuring YouTube superstars such as Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr, Ruth Crilly and more. So we are excited beyond all rational belief to be part of their Daily Mix Giveaway Extravagnaza! You can win two amazing Dove Spa Day tickets as well as a staggering array of other prizes including watches, scarves, cosmetics and much and many more! To enter the competition (and for full terms and conditions) head over to the Daily Mix YouTube compartment RIGHT HERE and do what you are told by the lovely Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup.   You just need to subscribe to Daily Mix and leave a comment telling them which is your favourite item. Which should be ours, obviously. For more on our Dove Spa Day, have a butchers at it OVER HERE. And good luck! on ITV’s Tipping Point

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Obviously you are all glued to ITV’s latest game show extravaganza Tipping Point, featuring Ben Shephard and a trio of celebrities trying to outwit a devious machine for charity. But did you know, your favourite experience merchant, was involved? Due to our near-frightening devotion to all things Shephard and our love of puzzles, we were delighted to contribute items such as our Theatre Dinner for Two and some exquisite Clay Pigeon Shooting as prizes for the show. You can catch the wondrous Ben and witness his delightful Tipping Point, Sundays on ITV 1 or watch it on catch up HERE. Here’s how it looked as our name actually appeared on national television. We were so proud…  And here’s the man who won it. Look how happy he is! His name is Vic!

Big in Taiwan: “The Borderless World” Vs Zombies

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If there is one thing we pride ourselves on here at, it’s the hand of friendship we show to any visitors from foreign lands who come to sample our wares. So when Kena Tsang and the gang from The Borderless World, Taiwan’s answer to Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, popped over to look at Zombie Manor House and Zombie Boot Camp, we provided them with the same experience as everyone enjoys. And as you can see in the picture of Kena, she reacted in as many have reacted. With sheer, blood-draining horror. Unlike most of our other customers, she then appeared on Saturday night telly to tell millions of viewers across Asia about the funny things English people do for kicks. While interviewing a professional zombie… Thanks to Kena and the crew, we hope we have made the world slightly more borderless with our actions. Hope to have you guys back soon!

Is a Zombie Apocalypse Possible?

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Ha, ha! Zombie invasion. Tee hee! Why, that’s a mere frippery created to titillate teenagers and the sort of people who use the internet’s websites. Nothing for me to worry about. WRONG! The rising of the undead and their subsequent fiddling about with your frozen goods and valuables is entirely imminent. Both scientists and Channel 5 are frequently warning us about it. You think all those writers in Hollywood are just making this stuff up? Like they have that kind of imagination? These are the people who have unleashed THREE Alvin and the Chipmunks films onto an unsuspecting public, so I hardly think they have the wherewithal to come up with something like a zombie invasion. As the following Infographic pleasantly illustrates, a zombie apocalypse could happen at any time. Perhaps it is happening right now. Is that old lady on the bus just a bit scabby? Or is it something more sinister? Might want to give her a prod just to check. If you feel to need to prepare for this obvious, planet-shattering event, then you could sign up to one of our many Zombie experiences RIGHT HERE. And spread the word about this imminent apocalypse. Simply thieve the…

Space Travel: Then and Now [Infographic]

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Space. The final frontier. Except for all those other ones. Like exotically flavoured chutneys. Ever since primitive man learned how to look up without dying, we have been obsessed with that large dark, starry mass that’s out there somewhere. And ever since we noticed it existed, we’ve been trying to get there; either by long ladders, jumping or some sort of catapult. Many, many perished. But all those stupid space attempts are now far behind us, as commercial space travel is just one enormous bank transfer away, for the rich and for the financially well-endowed. We’ve come a long way, from goofy looking spacesuits, food in tubes and dogs with antennas strapped to their heads. This rather nifty infographic explains everything about astro-ventures, from the weird lumpy Russian devices to sleek Space Shuttles that we’d all happily have in our rumpus rooms. Feel free to not only read the infographic with unbridled joy, but to also completely steal it and stick it on your website, using the magical embed code below. No, really! Just take it! And we don’t yet offer space travel ourselves, but you could try this marvellous Water Jetpack Experience. RIGHT HERE. You’ll go… upwards at least….

Leonardo DiCaprio Flyboards in Ibiza…

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  After all the trouble he had with that Titanic malarky, you’d think Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be heading back into the water any time soon. But a mere 16 years after drawing that lady like one of his French girls, he’s braved the briny deep again, when he partook in a spot of Flyboarding on a water jetpack in Ibiza. Accompanied, according to the report,s by someone SHIRTLESS and someone else BIKINI-CLAD, Leo appeared to love jetting high above the waves powered by a high-density aquatic spurt and nerves of steel. But, I hear you all cry, why are you tormenting us so? It has been well reported in a number of tabloid newspapers and high-level blog posts that the Flyboarding Experience sold out long ago, which is why we presume Mr. DiCaprio had to travel all the way to Ibiza to get some on. Be tormented no more, as it just so happens our Flyboarding bonanza is back AND in full effect. Now you, just like old Mr Film Star Man over there, can strap on a pair of magical Jet Boots and scoot high over the waters in an adventure described as both ‘thrilling’ and ‘damp’. And…

The Evolution of the Zombie [Infographic]

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As you may have noticed, we are quite partial to a bit of zombie around these parts – in small part due to our wealth of sensational zombie experiences. But we also appreciate and savour our historic zombie heritage. Where did they come from? What do they smell like? And from what location did they originate? All of these queries have troubled our salty little brains over the years. But many of these questions and others we couldn’t be bothered to think up are addressed in this FABULOUS new infographic, which combines both information and a certain graphical element, which we enjoy immensely. So go hog wild and look at this illustrated history of zombie evolution and use the embed code to stick it wherevs…

Zombie Blitz 1940 – The Video!

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Yes, you can simply imagine our fabulous new Zombie Blitz 1940 experience using the crevices and electrical impulses of your fleshy mind. But, even more impressively, you can now SEE various moments from this thrilling World War II based horror adventure thanks to the rather nifty video available below. As you will see, there’s quite a bit of shouting, running, overhead lighting and various bits of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. And so much more. If this taster of the undead revivingspooky accented thrill-fest housed in the tunnels beneath Waterloo Station has got you salivating like a haughty Danish prince outside a fancy cane shop, you can book and look for yourself RIGHT HERE And view this and other exciting videos on this new YouTube thing we keep hearing about ON THIS ONE

Zombie Target Competition Winners

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Remember that competition we ran a few weeks ago to win some ‘money can’t buy’ ‘completely unique’ ‘one of a kind’ shooting targets from Zombie Boot Camp? Well guess what, you didn’t win them. Unless you are Ben (aka @Winstano) or LeeAnn (aka @lcarmichaelx) as they done won the things. Many congrats to them! What will they do with their marvellous new targets I wonder? Scare the dickens out of a close family member? Regift them as a completely inappropriate Ruby Wedding Anniversary present? We implore them to let us know once they have made a decision. And keep them peeled for other great competition type giveaways, either right here on the blog or on our delicious Twitter enclave.