“Warm Bodies” Launch at Zombie Battle London

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New zombie flick Warm Bodies, starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, is released on 8 February… Dubbed a “zombie romance”, the narrator is a zombie inhabiting a post-apocalyptic America destroyed by decades of war and disasters, ending in a mysterious zombie plague. You’ll find the trailer over here. The lovely people behind Warm Bodies thought it’a launch at Zombie Battle London would be a nice idea. And who are we to disgree? Take a look at the photo gallery over on our really-rather-splendid Facebook page. Be sure to give us a “Like” whilst you’re over there.

We Gots the Book Smarts!

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  Just because you’ve never seen us with a book and that one time we did pick up a book we opened it the wrong way before bursting into tears and hurling it across the room, doesn’t mean we don’t like books. We love books, especially the lovely, wonderful people at Orion Books who were sweet enough to give readers of Erica James‘ bestseller The Hidden Cottage (spoiler alert: they find the cottage) a chance to win one of our amazing Dove Spa Bliss Packages. But it’s not just small holding based fiction that we’re all about. To celebrate the release of Robert Wilson’s crime drama Capital Punishment, we offered subscribers of Orion’s newsletter the opportunity to win a theatre break in London including a meal! With two courses! But it ain’t just book learning types who can enjoy these marvellous experiences. Book your own Dove Spa Sheer Bliss Package RIGHT HERE or a marvellous theatre break UP IN HERE.

‘How to’ TOWIE with Wish.co.uk

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Wowie Zowie, it’s that TV show about Essex! To celebrate the amazing appearance of the brave The Only Way is Essex boys and girls at our Zombie Battle London experience, we’ve all gone a bit TOWIE crazy. We’re slightly more tanned, there are many more vowels crammed into very word we utter and we’ve had practically every body part jazzled. How did we achieve this incredible transformation which is making heads turn and laughter stifled on every street we choose to strut up and down? As a Christmas treat to all of you, we’ve constructed this fabulous Towie-To gift guide, so you can put the ‘sex’ into ‘that reality television programme entitled The Only Way is Essex’.   Gold Dice with Diamonds Bling Car Cigarette Lighter It’s like Vajazzling your car! Never again will you have to ignite your lovely lady (or gentleman’s) fag with a scabby old lighter that you’ve previously used to scratch, probe and agitate various parts of your body. This beautiful piece of motorised art has actually caused several multiple car pile-ups due to its dazzling hue and all around gorge-ness. Buy this beauty here   TOWIE Bed Set Now you can sleep with your favourite…

Zombie Battle London on TOWIE Tonight…

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Wowie Zowie, it’s that TV show about Essex! To celebrate the amazing appearance of the brave The Only Way is Essex boys and girls at our Zombie Battle London experience, we’ve all gone a bit TOWIE crazy at Wish HQ. We’re slightly more tanned, there are many more vowels crammed into very word we utter and we’ve had practically every body part jazzled. All you need to do is head over and checkout our Zombie Battle London experience (or our other zombie experiences around the UK). See you at 10pm on ITV2!

The Mayan Money Back Guarantee

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The weather’s iffy, the economy continues to tank and Paul McCartney is fronting Nirvana… It can only mean one thing: the Mayans were right! It’s the end of the world. Pesky pre-Colombians predicted that armageddon would occur on or around 21 December 2012, with cataclysmic nasties befalling us due to a number of astrological phenomena and foil-hat type notions. So you’re probably thinking, in the event of total global annihilation, how are my consumer rights affected? Good question. Post-apocalyptic receipts will be singed and torn, while the BBC’s Watchdog may not be airing at all. Worry not, Wish.co.uk customers – we’ve proud to announce the world’s first Mayan Money Back Guarantee. If the Mesoamerican predictions prove accurate and we’re all doomed to fiery, rubble-based annihilation, your wonderful Wish.co.uk experience day won’t be affected. If you can prove that your world has ended (camera phone footage will do), we’ll provide you with a full refund. Simply contact the survivors at Wish.co.uk using any rudimentary communication devices, and we’ll refund you in the appropriate new Earth currency. Ask the elders of your new mutant community for help if your hands have turned into something less practical. The end of the world doesn’t have…

Wish.co.uk in Wired: How To Stay Alive in a Bank Robbery

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Our amazing SWAT Trainers who run our SWAT Training experience aren’t just good for training SWAT. They have a myriad of amazing skills, such as informing people how to survive if they find themselves in the middle of a Dog Day Afternoon style bank heist. Our very own Roy Fitter told the readers of Wired how to be invisible, pay attention and not be a hero in order to get out of there alive. Read all about his tips and treats here.  . And book your own SWAT Training experience HERE

The Truth About Our Riot Training Experience…

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Been living under a tree without access to either the Daily Mail or ITV News? Then you might have missed the fuss about our Riot Training experience, which is – quite literally – all the rage. Now, unlike much of the press coverage would have you believe, you train as a riot cop. You’ll learn the mysteries, intrigues and fundamental steps of basic riot control will be revealed, including who runs at who, good/bad things to wave about and which way up to hold your riot shield. You will not, for the avoidance of doubt, be training on how to riot (obviously). Inciting a riot is a criminal offence in the UK, and people go to jail for jokes on Twitter/Facebook. You’ve been warned. Which didn’t stop the local MP making the following statement… “After last summer’s riots, we should certainly not being helping people to understand how to riot better – but that appears to be exactly what’s happening in Worcestershire right now.” Ho hum. Tickets will set you back a mere £79, and the experience takes part in Droitwich, near Birmingham. We’ve also got our mitts on the brand new promo video… …which is also available on YouTubes….

Devin Supertramp at Zombie Shopping Mall

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How did a little old zombie-obsessed group of knuckle-heads like us – still startled by the whole ”internet’ thing – get hooked up with a YouTube MEGASTAR like Devin Supertramp? Crazy as it sounds, it’s true! Devin heard all about our crazy zombie experiences and FLEW all the way from AMERICA to see for himself and document the experience in a filmic way. Here’s the video, called “Zombie Mall One Shot”… As well as an amazing one shot drift around the Zombie Shopping Mall, he popped up to Zombie Manor House in the same day! Two films, one day – no way. Devin had a blast, as the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video below shows. We’ll have more Zombie movie madness from Devin coming soon – so watch this space! Thanks to Devin, the zombies and the whole gang for putting together such an amazing film and be sure to check out more of Devin’s videos at his YouTube channel and his blog. Further Reading Wired profile of Devin Daily Dot interview with Devin

ITV Daybreak’s London Zombie Apocalypse!

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Wow! We were on the telly! A real telly, with lights and cushions and men with headphones and everything. We popped over to ITV’s premier programme-on-before-This-Morning, Daybreak! And after being told repeatedly to stop calling him ‘Adrian’, we got down with Gethin Jones to discuss all things Halloween-y and to big up our fabulous new Zombie Battle Experience. Which they decided to call London Zombie Apocalypse. To which we said, “fine, call it what you want, just keep that free coffee and Danish platter coming”. Here’s a page with our name on it, RIGHT HERE, while the whole show can be seen HERE. Big hot love to the Daybreak gang. And yes, we got your message and we’ll return that weather map later in the day – we really don’t know how it got in the Wish.co.uk van.

Zombie Auditions: Winner *Finally* Announced…

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We auditioned for zombies back in the summer. The response was overwhelming (as were the photos), and we shared this really rather exciting movie of the day… Alas, we haven’t been able to announce the winner. Until now. So we’re product to announce that our next top zombie is Rob, 30, from Lichfield, Staffs AKA @CaptainKindling on Twitter. Please give Rob a big round of applause, and keep your eyes peeled – this zombie is going places!